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Hansen\Stack RAD

The Hansen RAD LLC administers 147 Project Based Voucher (PBV) units in two (2) senior citizens and/or disabled high rise buildings. The RAD provides safe and decent housing to senior citizens and disabled individuals. These units are financed through HUD’s section 8 program and NJHMFA low-income tax credits (LIHTC). Applicants must be eligible according to the very-low income limits established by HUD. Families pay 30% of their total family adjusted gross income as rent, which is capped at the LIHTC maximum rents.

Applicants must supply income of all family members, provide U.S. citizenship and/or immigration status and provide social security numbers. The RAD also does a credit, criminal and housing screening check through third party verification with other agencies and also computer matching. Upon completion of the screening process the eligible family or individual would be offered a unit according to family composition and family needs; handicapped accessible unit (accessible and designed with ramps, grab bar, lower counters).

For more info or program assistance please email: Delilah Gonzalez

Public Notice

The Housing Authority of the City of Perth Amboy (HACPA) will open its one bedroom waiting list for the Hansen RAD project-based voucher units to accept up to 100 applications.  Interested parties can apply online at Only online applications will be accepted.

Applications will be accepted from the following category of families:

U.S. Veterans (engaged in active duty or has honorable or general discharge) for which the head of household or spouse must be at least 62 years of age, or at least 18 years of age and disabled.  The number of household members must be 2 persons.

Perth Amboy residents for which the head of household or spouse must be at least 62 years of age, or at least 18 years of age and disabled.  The number of household members must be 2 persons.

Families must also meet the following U.S. Housing and Urban Development Income Limit:

2 Persons- $54,250               

The Authority will accept online applications through Wednesday, June 24, 2020, or until 100 applications have been received. Applicants not meeting the required household size will be disqualified.

Douglas G. Dzema, PHM

Executive Director

Click Here to Apply

“If a disabled applicant needs assistance with the application process they can contact Christine DeAmorim at (732) 826-3110 ext. 625, or

All applicants will be treated equally without consideration to race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, familial status, marital status, or disability.         




La Autoridad de Viviendas de la Ciudad de Perth Amboy (HACPA) abrira la lista de espera de los apartamentos para un cuarto de dormir en Hansen RAD los cuales son  basados en el projecto de unidades de vale.  Aceptaremos cerca de 100 aplicaciones. Las personas interesadas podran aplicar via internet en . Las aplicaciones solo seran aceptadas por el internet. Las aplicaciones seran aceptadas de la siguiente categoria de familas:

Veteranos de E.U.A. (envueltos en deberes activos o que hayan sido dados de baja general o honorablemente) para lo cual el cabeza de hogar o esposa/esposo debe de tener por lo menos 62 anos de edad, o por lo menos tener 18 anos de edad y discapacitado. La cantidad de miembros es de dos personas por hogar.

Residentes de la Ciudad de Perth Amboy cuya cabeza de hogar o esposa/esposo tengan por lo menos 62 anos de edad, o por lo menos 18 anos de edad y discapacitado.

Para ser elegibles las familias tambien deberan cumplir con los siguientes requisitos de Limite de Ingreso impuestos por La Autoridad de Desarrollos Urbanos de E.U.A.:

2 Personas - $54,250 de Ingreso anual.

La Autoridad de Viviendas aceptara las aplicaciones solo hasta el Miercoles, Junio 24, 2020, o hasta que sean recibidas 100 aplicaciones.  Aplicantes que no cumplan con los requisitos de cantidad de familia seran descalificados.


Douglas G. Dzema, PHM

Director Ejecutivo

Haga clic aquí para aplicar

“aplicantes discapacitados que necesiten asistencia con el proceso de la aplicacion pueden contactar a Christine DeAmorim at (732) 826-3110 ext. 625, or

Todo aplicante sera tratado con igualdad sin consideracion de raza, color, origen de nacion, religion, edad, sexo, estado familiar, estado civil, o discapacidad.

N.J. Admin. Code Section 5:40-2.2

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