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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe, secure, clean and quiet community environment, to maintain the property in good condition, offer services and resources to assist in becoming self-sufficient and to ensure the enjoyment of family life, for all residents. Learn more

NJ State Rental Assistance Program Waiting List Lottery

Please be advised that DCA will be opening the SRAP waiting list. SRAP is a state funded program that provides housing subsidies on behalf of very low-income New Jersey residents, for decent, safe and sanitary housing. Persons applying must meet all applicable SRAP income and eligibility requirements. A total of 4,000 households will be selected through a lottery system to be added to the waiting lists. You must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to apply, or be an emancipated minor. Only one (1) SRAP pre-application per household will be accepted. Please note that only New Jersey residents are eligible to apply for SRAP assistance. A New Jersey resident is defined as someone whose primary residence is in New Jersey and who is present in New Jersey for at least six months prior to applying for SRAP assistance.

SRAP pre-applications can be submitted ONLINE with the use of a personal computer, laptop, smart phone, or tablet by going on-line at No pre-applications will be accepted at the Agency.

The open enrollment period is Monday, JULY 11, 2022, 9:00 a.m. to Friday, JULY 22, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. 



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The Applicant Portal is Here! The Portal is for Current Applicants Only

The Housing Authority of the City of Perth Amboy is happy to introduce to our applicants, a new Applicant Portal web tool to provide additional services by the Housing Authority. Through this Applicant Portal, applicants will be able to view and edit their application information, contact the Housing Authority via direct messaging, view and update their contact/notification preferences, submit and receive documents to and from the Housing Authority through the Secure Document Exchange and view their current waiting list status and position number(s).

La Autoridad de Vivienda de Perth Amboy se complace en presentarles a nuestros solicitantes, una nueva herramienta Web del Portal Del Solicitante, para brindar servicios adicionales por parte de La Autoridad de Vivienda. A través de este portal, los solicitantes podrán ver y editar la información de su aplicación, comunicarse con La Autoridad de Vivienda a través de mensajes directos, ver y actualizar sus preferencias de contacto/notificación, enviar y recibir documentos hacia y desde La Autoridad de Vivienda, mediante intercambio seguro de documentos, ver su estado actual en la lista de espera y ver en que número se encuentran.

Applicant Portal

The Section 8 Waiting List is Now Closed

Use the status checker below to check your status. Please note, if no application information is found that means you did not meet the waiting list criteria that required you to be a Perth Amboy resident to apply, or a U.S. Veteran, or you were not chosen in the lottery. 

Letters and an update form were emailed or mailed to those selected in the lottery. It is necessary for you to provide the documentation requested to remain on the waiting list.


The Project-Based Voucher waiting list for the Dunlap RAD is now closed

Letters and an update form were sent to those selected in the lottery. It is necessary for you to provide the documentation requested to remain on the waiting list.

The Hansen Apartments efficiency (zero-bedroom) waiting list is now CLOSED

Click Here For All Waiting Lists to Check Waiting List Status 

The Hansen/Stack Apartments one-bedroom waiting list is open to eligible senior/disabled 2 person families

This List is Open

Do not apply if you are not a 2-person household (this includes a live-in-aid) age 62 or older or disabled, and do not currently live in Perth Amboy. Your application will be immediately disqualified, and you will not be notified. If you are a U.S. Veteran you do not need to be a Perth Amboy resident to apply, but you must be a 2-person household (this includes a live-in aid) age 62 or older or disabled.

Click Here to Apply

Please note if the waiting list status does not show an application status this is because you did not meet the waiting list criteria stated above, and your application was disqualified. Please do not reapply or contact the office.  

Click Here to Check the Status of Your Application

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