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Home Ownership

Foreclosure Prevention

Foreclosure Prevention

The Housing Authority of the city of Perth Amboy is expanding its programs & services and is proud to announce, Foreclosure Prevention. Our goal is to prevent homelessness by finding a reliable way for distressed homeowners to find resources and solutions to prevent a Foreclosure in their home.

It is our goal to preserve homeownership in the community, which is why we decided to expand our scope of service. Our comprehensive counseling plan targets low and moderate income families that live in the City of Perth Amboy or Middlesex County who are currently experiencing a financial hardship and are seeking assistance to remain in their home or to obtain a viable option available to them.


Program Description:

The Foreclosure Prevention Program helps homeowners examine their options when facing a foreclosure situation. We offer financial counseling, access to community resources, help working with your mortgage company, information about the foreclosure process, and financial assistance referrals. Call us if you are having difficulties making your house payments. How does the program work?

  1. The homeowner contacts the Agency to inquire about the program and explain about his/her situation. The counselor schedules a one-on-one counseling session with the homeowner.
  2. The Housing Counselor advocates on behalf of the homeowner by contacting the mortgage company, gathers information, & begins to develop a plan to address the barriers that are preventing the client to have financial stability.
  3. The homeowner may always meet with a Homeownership Counselor to go over the intake application in detail and continue the process of developing a plan to resolve the mortgage delinquency. This includes an in-depth look at the homeowner's finances to develop a budget for the future.


Registration forms can be downloaded below for individuals interested in our services. You can also contact 

Eugenia Hill (732) 826-3110 ext.631 via phone or mail. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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